David Gavri is a Texas native and a Chicago stand up comic. He is known for doing 8 mics in a single night, and best known for completing more sets than any other comic in all of Chicago. The most he completed in a single month was 72 times on stage, which he did two months in a row. His total amount for the entire year of 2015 was 722 times on stage.

Gavri’s work ethic continues: In November of 2015, he ran and produced Chicago’s 2nd Annual Open Mic Festival. Gavri runs “The Bagel Show” once a month on Thursdays at Chicago Bagel Authority. He is co-producer of the “Five Star Comedy” showcase on the last Monday of every month, located at The Four Star Lounge. He is also co-producer of the “Arcane Comedy” showcase every other Sunday at The Eastroom in Logan Square. Gavri regularly hosts “The Second City” mic on Saturday nights at The Second City training center.

He is also a comedy writer, interviewer, and creator of Gonzo Fame, where he interviews famous comedians. Some of his interviews include: Doug Stanhope, Hannibal Buress, Kyle Kinane, Big Jay Oakerson, Pablo FranciscoJeff Ross, Broken Lizard, and Ralphie May.

On top of it all, Gavri is also a poker player who co-hosts a poker podcast with fellow comedian / owner of The WIP Theater, Tony Valle. The name of the podcast is “Jack / King Off with Tony Valle” which is available on iTunes and at